Microblading & PMU Process

Microblading is a two session process (Initial and follow Up Session).  


The Initial Session takes about 2.5-3 hours. Client arrives 15 minutes prior to appointment time to read and sign all consent forms. During the session, artist and client will go over consent form and any concerns are addressed. Afterwards, client’s brows are shaped and styled. Once the client approves the look of their eyebrow, we will lightly prick the skin in order for the numbing cream to penetrate deeper and be more effective. Numbing cream is applied immediately and pigment color selection is done before the microblading begins.  Anesthetic gel is applied throughout the procedure, making this process almost painless. 


Clients will return for their Follow Up (2nd session) for touch ups 6-8 weeks later. The process will be the same, except it will be a bit shorter since most of your hair strokes are already in. This session will be to refine your brows and ensure it looks perfect.  More strokes are added, minor shape change and color adjustments may be done at this time if needed. 

Follow Up session is for existing Modern Beauty clients only and must be done within 4 months or it will be considered a Permanent Color Boost $150